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The Roman Town at Chesterton

Part of the land owned by the Evans Family at Windmill Hill Farm is the site of an old Roman Town. Located on the North West corner of Windmill Hill Farm and having the Fosse Way running through it, the raised earthworks of the defended part of the town are clearly visible from Chesterton Windmill. Around 40 acres of land including the raised earth works are left alone and not cultivated but are rented to a local farmer for sheep grazing. This is done in order to preserve the historical site in accordance with an agreement with Natural England. Over the years the site has been excavated and many Roman artifacts found including coins and pottery, but now metal detecting is strictly prohibited in order to preserve the site.

This small Roman town lay halfway between the towns of Leicester and Cirencester and acted as a market and administrative centre. Its high status was reflected in the provision of defenses and stone buildings. The defenses enclosed an area of 7.5 acres and excavation has revealed that the earliest phase of construction dates from the second century. In the 4th century a stone wall 3 metres high was added and flanking towers are built either side of the north gate. The only Roman town in Warwickshire with similar defenses was Alcester.

Images and information provided courtesy of David Adams (Chesterton Archeology Research Team) C.A.R.T.